Inside Business with Ciaran Hancock

Galway-based company HidraMed Solutions has won the Irish Times Innovation of the Year award for 2020 for developing a novel dressing system aimed at those suffering from the incurable skin disease, Hidradenitis Suppurativa. In today’s episode, HidraMed founder Suzanne Maloney joins Ciaran Hancock to speak about the company’s origins, products and plans for expansion.

But first, Ciaran is joined by Irish Times business journalist Eoin Burke Kennedy and by James Benson, Director of the Irish Home Builders Association to discuss the impact ongoing lockdowns are having on the construction sector. The IHBA has estimated that the supply of new homes could be reduced by 8,000 this year as a result of the current stoppage, so what will this mean for the already squeezed housing market if the lockdown is extended beyond March?

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