HidraMed Solutions wins top prize in Irish Times Innovation Awards

Galway-based medtech company HidraMed Solutions has won the Irish Times Innovation of the Year award for 2020 for developing a novel dressing system aimed at those suffering from the incurable skin disease, Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS).

HidraMed Solutions took the accolade in the Life Sciences & Healthcare category as well as carrying off the overall award.

About 4 per cent of the world’s population suffer from HS which causes painful lesions and abscesses in the armpit, thigh and groin areas. The wounds need to be regularly dressed, but dressings on the market are unsatisfactory as they can leak, move and fall off.

Current dressings are also adhesive-backed and their application and removal damages already painful skin and adds to the distress associated with dressing changes.

Managing HS wound care has a big impact on patients’ lives as the routine is slow, painful and stressful. As a result, HS sufferers are at increased risk of developing anxiety, depression and becoming socially isolated.

HidraMed Solutions was founded by former chef Suzanne Moloney who suffers from HS. With her insider knowledge of the condition, she tackled the dressings problem from a novel angle, designing her adhesive-free dressings to fit into a range of specially created underwear.

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