A new Th‐17 cytokine in hidradenitis suppurativa: antimicrobial and pro‐inflammatory role of IL‐26 – Scala – – British Journal of Dermatology


IL‐26 is a signature Th‐17 cytokine described as a pro‐inflammatory and antimicrobial mediator. So far, IL‐26 has been reported in several immune‐mediated inflammatory diseases, but its involvement in inflammatory skin disorders is poorly known.


Investigation of IL‐26 in HS, through its involvement in the antimicrobial activity.


IL‐26 was assessed in HS patients through gene expression and protein analysis at skin and circulating levels. Ex vivo HS organ skin cultures, together with IL‐26 antibody treatment, were performed to determine the activity. HS and HC PBMC were even or no silenced with IL‐26 siRNA in order to measure antimicrobial, cytotoxic and phagocytic activities against S. aureus.


First, we observed that IL‐26 is able to modulate pro‐inflammatory response at immune cell levels. IL‐26 was increased in the plasma of HS patients compared to healthy subjects. Subsequently, we explored PBMC bactericidal, cytotoxic and phagocytic activities against S. aureus in HS and HC subjects. These activities were lower in HS subjects compared to HC ones. Remarkably, killing activities were reduced when HC PBMC were transfected with IL‐26 siRNA. However, the transfection did not affect the killing activity of HS PBMC, supporting the idea that IL‐26 cargo lacks of efficiency in HS.


Our findings suggest that infection susceptibility in HS might be related to IL‐26. Despite the role of bacteria remains controversial in HS, this paper supports that there is a defect of antimicrobial response in these patients.

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