Here is a look at the possible causes behind armpit lumps?

The appearance of painful lumps which are usually referred to as boils or lumps can be irritating especially when they occur on the armpit. Armpit lump can appear due to bacterial growth or growth in the lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are basically small glands that are present throughout the body and are responsible for maintaining the body’s balance. Apart from lymph nodes, an infection and cyst growth can also cause lumps.

Here is a look at the probable causes behind armpit lumps:

  1.    Lack of hygiene

Armpits are sensitive areas on the body. Excessive sweating in this area makes it vulnerable and exposes it to bacteria and other germs. Painful lumps usually appear when sweat and germs get trapped in the hair follicle. The odds of this happening multiple when the armpits are not washed regularly. This is the reason that hygiene plays a great part in your health.

  1.    Hidradenitis suppurativa

Hidradenitis suppurativa is an infectious condition, which results in extreme inflammation and irritation. As armpit is the area where there is moisture and smell due to sweating, therefore, during this infection fluid with odor is trapped in the lumps, which culminates in scarring.

  1.    Allergic reactions

Sometimes the appearance of lumps is a sign of a reaction to either a vaccination shot or any other medicine. These lumps occur as the inflammation caused in the lymph nodes swell. Usually, this condition is not much troublesome. However, if the lumps stay for a relatively long time or become extremely painful then contact your doctor as soon as possible.

  1.    Ingrown hair

No one likes excessive hair growth and you may remove them as soon as their head pops up. However, removing hair through shaving continuously may cause the hair to grow inside. The ingrowth of hair results in a painful lump and then at time pus start filling up these lumps. Contact your physician when you see these lumps growing.

  1.    Skin abscess

Lumps caused by skin abscess are the result of an infection. These lumps usually occur deep into the skin and show red bumps that are more like blisters. Staph bacteria can be usually blamed as the culprit for a skin abscess. You should rush to your doctor for an antibacterial treatment and other skin care measures.

  1.    Lipoma

Lipoma is a soft and mushy bump that surfaces when fat is accumulated under the skin. This lump is relatively harmless and is quite small. It can even be felt moving under the touch of your skin. Though lipoma is not harmful, if it starts causing painful symptoms, then you should consult your doctor as the lipoma may be hurting any nearby nerves. There are natural remedies as well as a surgical method of removing it.

  1.    Skin cyst

Cyst caused under the skin is also a condition, which results in the formation of lumps. A skin cyst is basically sacs formed inside the skin and accumulate oily fluids. Such boils usually appear after an injury or any accident that may hurt the skin or they may appear after a surgery. These are usually skin colored and appear in small sizes. You can consult your doctor but they may vanish themselves.

  1.    Viruses

Lastly, lumps under the arm may also be the result of any virus that may have infected measles, chickenpox and HIV infection. These are few of the infectious situation that can result in painful lumps. All these three conditions demand medical attention. Proper treatment is available to cure them.

Where, at times, these lumps may not be so harmful, they can be an alarming sign. This is particularly true if the lumps occur in places that are sensitive. Hence,  it is best to get in touch with a doctor.

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